The Inner Camino: A Practice for Personal and Social Development

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On the path of the Inner Camino we teach practical techniques and life tools, based on a synergy of psychology and spiritual practice. Engaging with our personal power through connecting with this wisdom is the most fundamental task of the Inner Camino.

The Inner Camino opens your mind to your inner wisdom, your 'Intuitive Consciousness'. This means letting go of all that we have hitherto relied on. We discover how to feel alive and comfortable in our own skin. We develop a fearlessness that is not based on toughness, and connect with an awakened heart to our vulnerability. Intuitive Consciousness becomes our most loyal ally and guide to accompany us on this journey.

Our transformation of consciousness is a journey that starts from old certainties to discover something entirely new. We no longer locate ourselves within the ordinary terrain as the only source of what is real and tangible. Rather, through letting go of all that we once knew as home, we rediscover home in an entirely new way.

On the Inner Camino we discover a capacity for full contact and connection in relationship. It brings us to the consciousness of love. Its task is not to seek love but to dissolve all the barriers that we have built up against it. This is what we mean by intimacy. Anything less supports the illusion of separation and leads us away from our unbroken wholeness.

Every Crisis Has the Potential for Creative Change

We may not have the capacity to change events beyond our control but we are always able to transform our consciousness through connection with our spiritual reality. Out of this transformation all manner of possibilities open up.
By this we mean, that in each crisis of our lives, in each difficulty we face, there lies within that challenge a pearl of wisdom which, when unfolded, can help us change and grow. No matter how challenging our lives, when we connect with our deepest intuitive wisdom we no longer believe that life 'just happens' to us.