Online Training in Advanced Supervision & Process Skills

Online Training Course Case Supervision 2021

Webinar Dates: May Wednesday 19th
  June Wednesday 16th
  September Wednesday 15th
  October Wednesday 20th
  ovember Wednesday 17th
  December Wednesday 15th
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm
Cost: €360

This online group for case supervision includes 6 live webinar sessions for practitioners who have completed one of the three Camino trainings. These supervision days aim to integrate and deepen the learning into the individual’s professional practice, including work with clients, supervisees, and wider team dynamics.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information and bookings.

The online programme includes 8 online webinar sessions (4 hours each), self-study, reading and homework, and It is limited to no more than 15 participants.

Many professions now view supervision as integral to the promotion of best and ethical practice. It was often assumed that becoming a supervisor simply evolved out of experience and clinical practice, without the recognition that these positions carry an additional skills set in their own right. This online training teaches the skills required to become a confident and competent supervisor with a renewed enthusiasm for the work. Each module introduces the key language and skills that lie at the core of a good supervisory practice, and explores these concepts through case control and experiential learning out of a transpersonal psychological model.

Personal and Professional Development
In order to build a deep capacity for self-reflection the training explores both the personal and professional development of the supervisee and that of the supervisor. This enhances the ability to handle unconscious triggers, hidden wounds and relationship conflicts that impact on the professional work, creating a compassionate container where the supervision can be both a robust and enjoyable experience for supervisor and supervisee alike.

The online training addresses the multidimensional process of supervision. It explores how understanding the simultaneous interactions between the clients, supervisee, supervisor, organisation and wider culture or context is important in order to have an awareness of the complete picture.

Process Skills
Using each participant’s own therapeutic model we intergrate the core skill of a ‘mindful observing gaze’ in order to track the multidimential processes that are an ongoing aspect of supervision. In this way it becomes possible to inentify where the heart of the process lies in the moment.

Supervisory Relationship/Style
This training will deepen participants’ understanding and experience of the supervisory relationship and how the style of a supervisor can be used with awareness to suport the reflective practice of the supevisee.

Organisational and Cultural Change
Supervision happens within, and is impacted by, the organisational and cultural context. This online training will provide a map and tools for understanding this context. It will show how supervision can become a powerful catalyst to enable engagement with the diversity of any organisation in order to bring about cultural change.

Philosophy of the Inner Camino Training Series
The Inner Camino Training Series is a synthesis of eastern spiritual practice and western psychological principles. The series offers a simple but radical method to approach your personal and professional lives from an entirely different and unhooked perspective. It was Einstein who proposed that in order to solve problems we need to change our consciousness from the one that created these problems in the first place. Sara and Jill introduce language and new windows of perception to be able to work with ordinary situations with ‘extra-ordinary’ awareness.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information and bookings.

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