The Inner Camino: A Path of Awakening - Covid-19

It is often the case that we ‘awaken’ to more existential questions in moments of crisis. Now more than ever with Covid-19 we are in a global health, social, economic and existential crisis. How do we manage to transform in these difficult times, especially when we are restricted from our more traditional retreats such as walking the Camino di Santiago, currently closed to all pilgrims?

Covid-19 has brought us all on a journey of uncertainty and risk. It demands that we let go of much of what we assumed previously to be certain as we walk into a new unknown world. As we let go of what we once knew, we can discover an entirely new way of being in the world.

mapNow, when we cannot physically walk the path, we can walk The Inner Camino as an inner pilgrimage, It aims to develop an steadfastness and intuition that can deal with the frustration and fear that arise when our lives are taken out of our control, and our personal freedoms restricted. We learn instead to align the workings of our lives with the change that is imposed upon us.

In this strange world of lockdown and in the aftermath of the pandemic this book is a way of bringing the Camino home, starting here right now in our living rooms. It contains within it easy to follow maps for an inner journey of self-discovery that we can follow every waking moment. As we travel along we learn to know the highest potential of who we can become. We also discover how to follow the way-marks into our intuitive Consciousness, like following a guiding star.

Many pilgrims may have discovered what we call our Intuitive Consciousness, a sudden flash of intuition, a creative moment or insight. Once we learn to read these waymarks and follow the messages of this intuition as a guide, it watches over us like a steady reassuring presence. Under its guidance we will find potential new directions for our lives, and, we will never want to travel alone again.

Each day is a practice. We may walk down the same street time and again, making the same assumptions and actions until we remember to cross the threshold into this Intuition Consciousness and momentarily see things as if anew. We drag ourselves out of ourselves and into the heart of our being.