The Inner Camino Training Series

The Inner Camino Training Series consists of:

•    Management & Leadership Skills
•    Advanced Supervision Skills
•    Walking the Inner Camino – The Path to Inner Peace
•    Introduction Days and Advanced Trainings

These training series address all areas of personal and professional development. The courses are built on a core thread of learning how to combine psychological principles and spiritual wisdom. We seek to make accessible in our every day world our intuitive and wise inner knowing with all of the sophistication of psychological awareness. Through this we build the capacity to develop a new way of looking, a bigger compassionate perspective and shift in our consciousness. In this way we can incisively challenge old scripts and stories, stuck habits, unhelpful relationship patterns, hidden tensions or conflicts, and impasses in our lives.

The series is suitable for therapists, psychologists, managers, supervisors, people in the voluntary, community and NGO sector or anyone who wishes to understand, and gain skills in dealing with, personal, professional and organizational dynamics.

The programme can be tailor made to meet the needs of a particular group or organization, as an in-house training, or delivered through a series of training days, that can be completed by individuals as part of a group. Organisations can review the themes covered, and with consultation devise a programme that most suits their needs.  Equally individuals can join particular modules within the overall training and map their own journey and progress through the continuing professional development curriculum.

Philosophy of the Inner Camino Training Series

The Inner Camino Training Series is a synthesis of eastern spiritual practice and western psychological principles.  Sara and Jill teach how to combine the spiritual, the psychological and the political in a grounded and practical way.  The series offers a simple but radical method to approach your personal and professional lives from an entirely different and unhooked perspective.  It was Einstein who proposed that in order to solve problems we need to change our consciousness from the one that created these problems in the first place.  Sara and Jill introduce language and new windows of perception to be able to work with ordinary situations with ‘extra-ordinary’ awareness.

Sara Hollwey (Reg.Psychol.P.S.I; MIAHIP; MIACP; Dipl.PW) is a clinical psychologist running Personal & Professional Development training in the School of Psychology at University College Dublin.  She has a private practice with individuals, couples, families and groups, and trains and supervises with Camino curriculum.

Jill Brierley (UKCP; Dipl.PW; Accredited EMDR practitioner, ret.) worked in private practice for 20 years with individuals, couples and groups.  Jill now trains and supervises students studying with the Camino curriculum.

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  • These training days teach practical management skills to build confidence in working with groups and teams in order to lead from an empowered, clear and insightful place.
  • This training teaches the skills to deepen a self-reflective practice that forms the basis of all supervision. We can thereby empower others to engage with work in a more effective and satisfying way.
  • This training offers a tool kit and daily practice to live life in a more mindful way. It combines the best from psychological knowledge and meditation traditions to live out of full personal power.
  • Along with specialist topics, we create tailor-made introduction days in consultation with already exiting teams and groups to address exiting issues or agendas in the organization.