Management & Leadership Skills

Innovative and creative managers juggle daily the multiple tasks around strategy, policy, people management and organisational dynamics. The threat of burnout, discontent, and conflict is often in the background. In order to become a good manager it is helpful to learn the fundamentals of leadership. How to fully step into the role of the leader is the focus of this training. Good leadership has a strength that is not oppressive and a capacity for collaborative teamwork that does not become lacking in focus or direction. Therefore understanding the responsibility of the leadership role inherent in every management position is central to be an effective manager. In this way it is possible to lead and manage with wisdom and impeccability.

This series of training days addresses and teaches the skills needed to strengthen and build confidence in dealing with the challenges of management and leadership. The manager as leader then becomes a powerful catalyst that encourages engagement throughout the organisation in order to bring about cultural change.

The Impeccable Leader
Good management is dynamic and direct. We teach the skills to be able to sit in the heat of challenging organisational situations without any shyness or reluctance to take up the role. Knowing how to maintain personal power, rather than leading out of blind-spots, fear, anxiety or oppression is essential to build an empowered and dynamic team.

The Politics of Relationships
We teach the skills for managing people from a place of full contact and connection, a place that, at the same time, moves beyond the personal without becoming cold and un-empathic. From there it is possible to become comfortable with dealing with difficult situations and even conflict. We will also explore ways of bringing people on board where there may be tension in order to create an inclusive and energised work environment.

The Dynamics of Power and Rank
At an organizational level, power is exercised in many different ways but not always with awareness. This can leave people feeling disempowered, unhappy and fearful in their workplace. We teach a language to engage with power, conflict and diversity. Through learning how to catch hidden power abuses as they arise, and to address them as positive catalysts for change, it is possible to gradually reduce any toxic or oppressive effects. In this way an atmosphere of cooperation will be developed in the organization.

Facilitating Teams and Groups
Notions of leadership are often tied up with a model based on ‘power over’ rather than ‘power with’. In this module the focus is on learning to recognize good leadership, one that seeks to empower a group or organization to find its own wisdom. We teach concepts and skills to work with group process in order to be able to facilitate all kinds of groups, small and large, to a new level of solution.

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  • These training days teach practical management skills to build confidence in working with groups and teams in order to lead from an empowered, clear and insightful place.
  • This training teaches the skills to deepen a self-reflective practice that forms the basis of all supervision. We can thereby empower others to engage with work in a more effective and satisfying way.
  • This training offers a tool kit and daily practice to live life in a more mindful way. It combines the best from psychological knowledge and meditation traditions to live out of full personal power.
  • Along with specialist topics, we create tailor-made introduction days in consultation with already exiting teams and groups to address exiting issues or agendas in the organization.